123-51-3 Isoamyl Alcohol

CAS Number: 123-51-3

Other Names: 3-methyl-1-butanol, Alcool amilico, Alcool isoamylique, Isopentylalcohol, Methyl-1-buta,isobutycarbinol,

Formula: C5H12O or (CH3)2CHCH2CH2OH



Isoamyl alcohol is a colorless liquid with a mild, choking alcohol odor. Less dense than water, soluble in water. Hence floats on water. Produces an irritating vapor.


Appearance: colorless liquid
Content % 99
Proportion 0.807 – 0.813
Dismantle 1.405-1.410
Moisture < 0.1


Used as food flavors according to GB 2760-96. Mainly used for the preparation of apple and banana flavor ; Used as chromatographic reagent and extractant, and also used in the pharmaceutical industry ; Used in the manufacture of spices, pharmaceuticals and mineral processing agents, and also used as solvents ; This good have apple brandy aroma and spicy flavor. China’s GB 2760-86 provides for its allowable use as food spices, mainly for the preparation of apple and banana flavor. Isoamyl alcohol and sodium nitrite can perform esterification to form isoamyl nitrite, which is the fastest nitrous esters short-acting vasodilator. Isoamyl alcohol can be used to synthesize sedatives and hypnotics, such as bromural and amytal. Isoamyl alcohol can also be used as solvents and the reagents for chemical analysis. It is also used as the raw materials to produce plasticizers and photographic pharmaceutical. In addition, it is one component of the fuel oil ; Used for the manufacture of spices, pharmaceuticals and photographic drugs, and also used as solvents ; Used as the solvents of fat, resin and alkaloid. Used for the determination of fat in milk and the determination of iron, silicon, thorium and fuel oil. Also used for the complexation extraction of iron, cobalt, copper salt and diphenylcarbazide. Used for the separation of lithium Chloride from other alkali metal chlorides.


DRUM     215KG

IBC          1000KG

Tank         21000KG

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